Digital Inspection Market Outlook

The Global Vector to Digitize Inspections 

At TESSALink, we are inspired by our customer’s growing willingness to adopt technologies that make a significant difference in operational efficiencies, safety, and an industrial culture that promotes disclosure.

The need to normalize and organize the assessment and certification processes around industrial assets is part of an international initiative to create a Global Digital Inspection Industry. As indicated by ReportLinker (October | ReportLinker) the market for Digital Inspections is projected to reach 28 billion US by 2025.

Inspection Management Platforms, like TESSALink CertNet®, help industrial services and equipment safety companies digitize the inspection and certification process, and are critical to increasing the accuracy, availability, and sustainability of asset safety and compliance information.


Ditch the Pen and Paper 

Digital Inspection Management is a radical departure from the traditional and legacy approach of paper-based methods. Inspections are an integral part of the industrial sector and the ongoing transition to digitization creates immediate competitive advantages and fulfills the safety guarantee across organizational boundaries.

The past approach of log sheets and clipboards is composed of inefficient methods of data collection and transposition that are time-insensitive and provide limited accuracy. The industry is quickly moving to digitize the inspection and reporting process to streamline the process, reduce or repurpose data entry costs, and increase sales and revenue.

Ultimately, digitizing the inspection process not only impacts the bottom line but creates synergies with engineers during testing and inspections of tools and equipment that must be certified as “fit for use”.

At TESSALink, we understand the relentless pressure put on our customers to maximize the capital efficiencies of operations and services. Products like CertNet® empower customers to increase the efficiency of inspections and improve the timeline to disclose or certify equipment safety and operational status.


Go Digital. Go TESSALink. 

Digitizing the inspection and reporting process provides a data-rich environment that helps mitigate failures, reduce risk to life and property, improve decision-making pipelines, and provide more effective communication and disclosure.