Cut Costs, Not Safety

CERTNet™ streamlines all equipment safety processes, conserving both time and effort.

Our software allows you to cut costs while not compromising your safety.

Our equipment safety certificate system keeps cost effective safety at your fingertips.

The CERTNet™ pricing model helps you keep using the system while only paying for what you need.

TESSALink CertNet Compliance Solutions

April 26th, 2020


CERTNet™ | Certification Access | Mobile Access | Digital Certification

Sell More Equipment With CERTNet™

CERTNet™ adds a new safety dimension that your customers want when they buy your equipment.

When you use CERTNet™ to provide safety certificates and inspections, your customer gains access to that information for no additional charge. CERTNet™ assures that your equipment is safe and audit ready.


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Go Digital, Now

CERTNet™ eliminates paper and never loses an equipment safety certificate.

Equipment safety inspections are streamlined, use the latest inspection criteria, can be done “off-line” and are instantly available once an inspection is signed off.

CERTNet™ will work with you to win more business by demonstrating your commitment to equipment safety, ease of equipment checks and inspections and the readiness for audits and investigations.


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Committed To Customer Success

CERTNet™ is an essential part of your equipment safety guarantee. We are here to keep your equipment and your people safe. Our technology is secure, scalable, and stable.

CERTNet™ streamlines key safety activities, including equipment checks, inspections, audits and accident investigations.


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Get Ready For Safety Audits

Equipment safety audits are more important than ever before. They confirm that equipment safety checks and inspections are done routinely, using the latest safety criteria.

Senior executives and government officials want to see this information for specific equipment, sites or the entire company.


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