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CertNet Mobile

A simple, fast, and reliable App for smartphones and tablets. Digital inspection, reporting, and asset visibility and disclosure features for mobile workers or managers. Work Online or Offline.

CertNet NDT

Use our Testbench software to integrate with your existing testbed equipment. Create digital NDT certifications for hydrostatic and pull test machines. Provide quick access to lost safety certificates for your customers.

CertNet Workflows

Use our workflow designer to automate inspection or recertification workflows. Ensure your technicians follow a specific process that requires specific inspection steps across multiple stations. Visualize progress and status.

CertNet Reports

Fast and simple reporting for all of your customers and operational leaders. Real-time reporting for how many assets passed or failed inspections, what was scrapped or reordered, and what is or isn't due for inspection. 

CertNet Scan for RFID & Barcodes

Barcodes and RFID tags are commonly used in harsh industrial environments for identifying, locating, and inspecting assets. CertNet Scan works with Bluetooth and RFID Chips. Our mobile App also supports NFC for RFID.

CertCheck for Safety Cultures

A free App for mobile devices that allows any end-user to access safety and compliance information for assets you manufacture, inspect, or certify. Complete disclosure for your customers with no logins and no licensing.
CertNet FracLog
NextGen asset management & digital inspection Solutions

CertNet Inspection Management Platform

Eliminate the pen and paper and create a competitive advantage by staying in front of safety and compliance requirements. Demonstrate your commitment to equipment safety and audit readiness. CertNet™ will work with you to win more business and digitally transform your current approach to asset management and recertification services. TESSALink is creating the next generation of Cloud-based Inspection Services.

Our mission is simple… create a safer world by empowering our customers to create sustainable Safety Cultures.

Our customers can see the true picture of their wellhead at a glance, including GPS location. They know exactly what the wellhead is and what’s been done to it. Saving them a ton of time. Hugely important to their CEOs.

IronHawk Oilfield Services

Brandon Halcomb,

President, IronHawk Oilfield Services

Inspection Management Software for a New Generation

TESSALink CertNet

CertNet™ is an essential part of your equipment safety guarantee. We are here to keep your equipment and your people safe. CertNet is secure, scalable, and stable. We are obsessed with Customer Success. 


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innovation & Curiosity

Our first step, with every customer, is to learn about the unique challenges they face so our Customer Success Team can create a unique customer journey that maximizes value and adoption.

Safety First

At TESSAlink, our mission is to create a safer world. We are fanatics about helping our customers fulfill their commitment to Safety and Disclosure and create sustainable safety cultures.

24/7 Support commitment

We are proud of our world-class success and support team. We have customers all over the world and our commitment is to be responsive and proactive around the clock.

customer champions

Our customers are the champions of digital transformation. They are creating a future where anytime access to Safety and Compliance information is available with the click of a button.

CertNet Inspection Management Solutions

Customer Journey

Are you tired of software companies trying to sell you features? Everyone wants to show you a demo and leave it up to you to figure out how your business will adapt to its product.

How awesome would it be if a sales team took the time to understand your business before you buy? How different would it be to review some hard data on how a software product will drive bottom-line impact for your organization? 

We have a radically different approach to Customer Success. Let us show you how our success team proves ROI at every step of the journey.

CertNet Industrial Asset Management

Improve field operations with workflow management software that improves safety, quality, and compliance. At TESSALink, we believe every Customer Journey is unique. Our mission is your success.