We Believe We Make The World Safer

TESSALink™ is the premier digital safety certificate vault that proves equipment is safe to use.

We help our customers fulfill their safety and compliance promises.

Hundreds of companies trust us to document equipment safety.

We Never Lose A Safety Certificate

The TESSALink™ software system supports equipment safety audits, inspections, safety checks and evolving certification processes.

Leveraging the latest mobile technology and Microsoft’s cloud, TESSALink™ can support all these tasks anywhere and anytime you need them.


We Streamline Safety Inspections

Equipment safety compliance is more important for your business than ever.

Your customers expect equipment to be certified safe from cradle to grave.

TESSALink™ highlights equipment with expired or expiring certificates, giving you and your customers unlimited access to safety compliance.

TESSALink™ Software Is Simple and Easy To Use


CertAlert™ – Let us show you how to:

  • Know the safety status of assets in real-time
  • Get notifications when equipment is about to become expired, in time to recertify
  • Get regulatory requirement updates
  • Proactively collaborate with your customers

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CertVault™ – Let us show you how to:

  • Have all your safety certification on hand and accessible, wherever and whenever, forever
  • Streamline certification processes and maintenance cycles
  • Maintain cradle-to-grave equipment information in the Microsoft Cloud

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CertSync™ – Let us show you how to:

  • Get instant, updated certificates wherever and whenever they are needed
  • Interact directly with TESSALink™ cloud-based CertVault™
  • Get ‘One Button’ Reports
  • Add picture attachments anytime

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