TESSALink SaaS Pricing

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$250/ mo

Platform and Maintenance

  • Onboarding service & training
  • Cloud Services & Maintenance
  • Growth Management Services
  • Data backup & Security
  • 24/7 support
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$35/ mo

Asset Management

  • Create and Manage Customer relationships
  • Create Templates for consistent data creation
  • Auto-generated reports with schedule status
  • Flexible Asset Modeling, data on your terms
  • Create and Manage users
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$25/ mo

Forms & Safety

  • Images, annotations, and digital signatures
  • Customize forms to organization standards
  • Record maintenance and inspection events
  • Create workflows to guide behavior
  • Requires Asset Management
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$150/ mo


  • Retrofit pumps with pre-integrated transducers
  • Automatically associate results to asset data
  • Connect to Chant, AJT, and other test machines
  • Digitally record pressure and pull tests
  • Requires Forms & Safety
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$50/ mo

Head Office

  • Centralized license and permission control
  • Create hierarchical tenant structures
  • Distribute metadata through branches
  • Nested middle management branches
  • Requires asset management
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$50/ mo

ECO Systems

  • Make data Private, Public, or Shared
  • Collaborate on assets lifecycles
  • Control visibility of asset data
  • Eco circles unify the supply chain
  • Requires Asset Management
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$50/ mo

Document Management

  • Create and Distribute asset documentation
  • Manage revisions for important safety updates
  • Maintain multiple versions of documents
  • Automate deployment of new revisions
  • Requires Asset Management
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