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The TESSALink™ Story

Everyone wants partners who are agile – especially software partners – because customer needs continuously change and the tools to address those needs must evolve to keep pace. This is the story of InfoChip.

In 2002, a group of techie Canadians saw a business opportunity when they noticed that many industrial companies were tracking their assets using paper-based systems. They built a rudimentary online asset management system to digitally capture important asset information.

Innovate. Evolve. Adapt.

Over time, customer’s expanded text-based asset requirements to include images and video – InfoChip evolved. As smart phoned proliferated, customers wanted mobile access to their data – InfoChip evolved. As companies sought to drive cost out of their supply chains, customers needed new ways to share their asset data – InfoChip evolved.

Eventually, we attracted really talented people, that did really innovative things, in completely new ways... and the product became the company. InfoChip is now TESSALink.™

TESSALink™ is not merely a family of innovative asset management products; it is first and foremost a team of dedicated professionals intent on evolving to deliver more and better value to our customers.