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Want to build your own product?

TESSALink Tools is a collection of independent software libraries and development kits that make it easy to build your own product and give your team a head start. Our software libraries integrate with industry leading tools and services to allow your own engineering teams to maximize productivity and focus on solving business problems with a ready-to-go software infrastructure.

TESSALink™ can help you get your own product to market using the same tools and cloud services that we used to build TESSALink. We provide the basic building blocks you need to simplify the common features and services.

Recent Additions


Easily add RFID capabilities to your solutions or apps using the TESSALink RFID package. We support a number of hand-held and fixed RFID readers, and can easily add additional models.


Quickly add support for multiple third-part authentication and authorization services like Auth0. Using our identity tools, developers can quickly implement permissions and roles.


Control the sequence of industrial, administrative, or other processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion using the TESSALink Workflow tool.