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TESSALink™ Application Marketplace

TESSALink designed our core platform with the flexibility to easily integrate new ideas and functionality. We are creating a market place of additional software products with our customers that work hand-in-hand with our Industrial Asset Management products.

Different solutions to different problems, using a common platform to tie it all together. Applications created by our customers and partners can be public or private to the marketplace. They can run on dedicated infrastructure, hybrid or private clouds, or integrate with TESSALink’s corporate cloud.

TESSALink's Application Marketplace is the fast and easy way to extend TESSALink™. We work with our partners and customers to create innovative solutions that are easy to install, secure, and certified to work with TESSALink's core platform. Let's work together to build something new.

Benefits of the Application Marketplace

By creating marketplace apps, business owners can leverage the TESSALink platform to model and build their own unique solutions. There are many different types of applications that can be built including vertical apps that sit directly on the TESSALink platform, and horizontal apps that leverage the TESSALink tools to create micro-platforms or services that are independent of the TESSALink platform.

Customers are already building apps in our marketplace to increase efficiency, revenue, automation, customer interest, and data insights. We can also help our customers build a scalable business model around the core features of TESSALink by offering extended features and services that plug-and-play directly with other TESSALink software products.

Together we can create new solutions to industry problems. We are always looking for innovative ways to leverage technology to enable business.